Welcome to The Chapel

An experimental gathering of spiritual misfits.


Welcome to The Chapel

Our own private, social network where we can meet each other, pray together, develop connections, and have some great conversations (and all without a tech-giant selling our personal data or interrupting us with obnoxious ads).

What to expect:

  • Exclusive Content — As the founder, I will be posting, commenting and hosting Daily Prayer once or twice a month. I will also offering videos of my conversations with various writers, thinkers, activists, and artists and posting them exclusively in The Chapel.  My recent live-streamed conversation with Anne Lamott is available exclusively to members! 

  • Daily Prayer — Daily Prayer (starting at 3 days a week, MWF). Daily Prayer will be live, brief, interactive, and led by different people each month, hosted by Matthew David Morris

  • Conversation — The Media Club engages new media each month: online TV, podcasts, music, and movies! This is a new experiment at The Chapel, going from October through December. Our host, Mark Gilman, is a Chapel member who will lead us through reflection, conversation, and meaning-making!
  • Connection — Topics, Interests, and Groups. Anyone can create a post in the Chapel and tag it with topics, such as grace, freedom, prayer, recovery, decolonization, anti-racism. LGBTQIA+, and so many others to choose from. Members can choose interests, like theology, church, and music, and connect with others who share those interests. Groups are location based, so you can meet others in your region.

Subscription info:

As we learned in The Social Dilemma — If you're not paying for a product, you *ARE* the product. Facebook groups are great for connecting folks, but that platform is "free" because they use it to sell our attention and data to the highest bidder. In protest of that model, The Chapel will be funded through subscriptions. This allows us to gather without ads and for people to be paid for their work.  

A note from Nadia: “I’m a big believer in paying for content. I have paid subscriptions to lots of on-line publications and am a patron of several artists and thinkers whose work I love. BUT I am also someone who had very little money for most of her life and even lived on government assistance for many of them, so I know what it is like to not have extra. This is why The Chapel is set up as a 'those who can pay do and those who can’t need not have to' model. So if a paid membership isn't right for you, we’ll happily give you free access. Really. Totally free for anyone in need. Just shoot us an email here for a free subscription: [email protected]."

As with nearly all free trials, Mighty Networks asks for credit card info to sign up. Sorry about that, it’s the way it works over there. The subscription fee is $6.99 a month. (We donate 10% of net profits to support nonprofits.) You will get an email reminder 3 days before you begin being charged, but please, please, please also set up a reminder on your own calendar as well. The last thing we want is for folks to be charged for something they don't want. 

For any technical issues or questions about the site itself, please reach out to our Techie-in-Chief, John Emery. John is the founder and strategist behind the Emery Agency and has worked closely with Nadia for the past couple years. He’s our team’s token straightwhiteguy and we love him.

We hope that you'll help us create a community of spiritual misfits who share a common love of grace, books, snark, compassion, mercy, pop-culture, and of course - God. 

See you in The Chapel,

Nadia, Matthew David, Kaitlin and John.

Community Guidelines:

Our Chapel Commandments

Below is a list of 9 Commandments (cute, no?) that your Chapel Hosts would like all members to respect and keep to. That includes Hosts, too. These are agreements we hope will keep everyone in right relationship with each other.

If you continue to participate at The Chapel after reading this list, we'll take that to mean that you agree to follow this guidance as best you can. We may all slip from time to time (see Commandment #1), but we will trust you to do your best.

  1. Thou shalt not be an asshole. This is the greatest internet commandment and all the others rest on this. There are SO MANY places on the internet available for one-upping each other in piety or woke-ness or outrage, but this is not going to be one of them. 

  1. Be kind. Assign positive intent to one another. Read and respond from a place of generosity. Try to always remember that there’s a real person on the other side of the screen and respond to others as if you were face-to-face with them. Withhold your assumptions and be gentle with one another. 

  1. Be brave. Or at least, be willing to try out bravery. See what it feels like to use theological language (aka God Talk) that you're not used to. Engage the questions and prompts from our hosts, even if doing so is a little outside your comfort zone. Be present with the discomfort. You may just see it transformed.

  1. The Chapel isn’t therapy. When shit gets real, old wounds surface. That’s to be expected. But please avoid self-pity and “trauma dumping.”  If you don’t have the support of a therapist but need one, BetterHelp.com is a great resource and that link hooks you up with a discount!

  1. Honor difference. We do NOT allow disrespectful comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, political affiliation, body size, ability or identity. Different perspectives are more than welcome; erasure, bullying, shaming, piling-on, or name-calling is not. 

  1. Take turns. Post and comment on the posts of others. Offer prayers and request them. Everyone has something to give and something to receive. 

  1. Be trustworthy. Some sensitive and/or personal things may be shared here: we ask that what is discussed here remains here.

  1. Be wise. Before you share the most sensitive thing you’ve ever shared, remember that not everyone can follow this trustworthy rule. Be wise about what you disclose. This is still the internet.

  1. Don’t spam, promote, or troll. Any multi-level marketing, fundraising, outside affiliate links, off-topic, self-promoting posts or solicitations for money will be removed and set on fire.

There are 9 and not 10, because … grace.

Please know that these guidelines are here to protect us from each other, and to have a shared understanding of how to be together. Anyone escorted out for violation of these commandments will be offered a blessing and a refund.

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